Monday, February 21, 2011

Microsoft won't ship CardSpace 2.0

Last week, at RSA Conference, Microsoft announced not to ship Windows CardSpace 2.0. This decision is very significant because Cardspace was considered one of the most interesting user-centric technologies along with OpenID
The Windows CardSpace software enables people to maintain a set of personal digital identities that are shown to them as visual “Information Cards”. This approach mitigates phishing attacks and encourages a move away from passwords. The card approach combined with the claims-based approach also has some potential privacy benefits.

It seems that Microsoft is reconsidering the state of art of the identity landscape and the evolution of tools and cloud services and trying to focusing on claim-based identity using new approaches (see Kim Cameron's Identity weblog: From CardSpace to Verified Claims).
On the other hand, the claim-based Identity remains one of the vibrant concept to address permissioned data sharing scenarios in the cloud.
Claim-based Identity is also one of the main interest and priority of Kantara UMA WG (Trusted Claims), where we are exploring some interesting user experience and the relationship with OpenID Connect to provide a claim-based access control spec in order to restrict and personalize access to cloud services.