Friday, October 12, 2012

User-Managed Access for Higher Education

If you are interested on data sharing challenges about security and privacy, don't miss the next UMA work group webinar. 
Next week, the 17th of October (8am PT), UMA Work Group will conduct a free public webinar to discuss and provide live demonstrations of UMA’s benefits for the higher education community and other communities where data sharing presents security and privacy challenges. 

It will be show an extensive demo of how students can manage access by a variety of prospective employers to distributed, trusted information about their educational achievements.

One UMA implementation, the SMART system developed at Newcastle University, is working to help students control the sharing of Transcripts of Records and other personal data hosted on University systems with future employers. Recently, the system was integrated with the UK Federation to provide these benefits to other British universities.

Join us!

Find webex information at 
Follow the group on Twitter at @UMAWG, hashtag #UMAedu for news.