Monday, June 23, 2014

User-Managed Access awarded 2014 Best Innovation in Information Security

I'm happy to announce that User-Managed Access (UMA) has won the 2014 Best Innovation/New Standard in Information Security award from the European Identity & Cloud Conference (EIC). More details about the award are available at Kantara press release page.
After almost a year since I've published a blog post about how UMA can be applied to the Life Management Platforms (LMPs) concept, last May, I presented, along with Maciej Machulak, Vice-chair at UMA WG (on the right in the picture below), this approach at the European Identity and Cloud Conference (EIC) 2014, in the track session "Standards for an Open Life Management Infrastructure", with the title "User-Managed Access: key to Life Management Platforms".
During the session, we have given a complete vision and an architectural approach how UMA fits very well with the new emerging trends related to Personal Clouds and in particularly to LMPs, as authorisation system for online personal data sharing model (see slideshare below).

I'm very happy for helping the UMA WG to receive the award!