Sunday, July 10, 2011

User-Managed Access (UMA): Power to the people

As contributor and member of the leadership team at Kantara UMA WG, I'm very excited for the announced release of a first draft recommendation for UMA to the IETF for consideration.

This is a fundamental milestone for the creation of a new generation of authorization system which gives data-sharing power to the people.
The  approach addresses the emerging issues for data-sharing and identity in the cloud. From a security and privacy perspective, UMA protocol, which is build on top of the IETF Oauth 2.0 effort, gives the user the capabilities to control what information will be revealed, for what purpose and with which party, indipendently from where the user information are stored. 

This announce happens meanwhile I'm visiting Newcastle University where I joint the Smart team for contributing on SmartAM project (another exciting challenge!!), which implements UMA specification.

The Working group will demonstrate UMA's benefits in a public webinar on Wednesday, July 13, at 9am pacific time. Join us. 
You can register here.

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